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One of the fun strategies in comedy is called mashables. You take two different subject matters and try to bring them together in a way that releases a laugh. It can be a fun exercise for clergy who are feeling the stress of ministry.

Here is the set up. Assume that the denomination has just decided to publish a new hymnal for clergy to address their stress needs and you have been chosen to propose some new hymns to be included.

Make list of stresses in Ministry.

EG    long hours

Modest pay

Under appreciated

Easily Criticized

Easily challenged

Lots of interpersonal conflict

Budget shortages

Membership declining


Now think of familiar hymns and either retitle them or add an additional line to address some of your favorite subjects. I’ve listed several below but I’m sure you can come up with a lot more.

1. Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord
Take thou our stresses, dear Lord, make us happy today.
2. A Mighty Fortress
A mighty church is our hope, a salary never falling.
3. Have Thine Own Way
Preach thou my truth, O pastor, the critic doth say, lest I retract my pledge this very day.
4. I Love to Tell the Story
I love to tell the gossip that comes to me each day, it satisfies my hunger to be the first to say.
5. I come to the Garden Alone
I come to the sanctuary alone while the members are still dreaming cozy.
6. Give Me that Old time Religion
Give me that old time tradition, Lord, the comfort never changes.
7. Swing Low Sweet Search Committee, coming for to carry me home.

8. What a Friend
What a friend we have in critics, all complaints to gladly share.
9. Angels We Have Heard On High
Elders we have heard on high, telling us what to do.
10. O Come All Ye Faithful
Raise your pledges at the door.
11. Jesus Loves the Little Children
It’s their parents that cause him to frown.
12. How Great Thou Art
How great I art, the narcissist did say
13. I’ll Steal Away
I’ll steal away, the treasure dost say.
14. Stand Up, Stand Up
Stand up, stand up for justice and let the sinners fall.
15. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands
The executive did say, but pledging more is just not my way.
16. We Three Kings of Wall Street are, bearing gifts, our jets fly so far.

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