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You may play this game with another individual, or you may set up a large screen before a group of people and have them play as one group against another. In the game of tic-tac-toe, the objective is to connect three blocks across—horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or you can occupy the four outer corner spots. Once you occupy a space, the other side is blocked from using that space.

Each time it is your group’s turn, choose a space in which you wish to place your mark. To occupy that space, you must cite one action or teaching of Jesus that illustrates the theme of that space and one ministry a church can take that implements that teaching.

If the group reaches a stalemate in which no one can achieve victory, a group can challenge an opposition’s marker to a bidding competition of which group can offer the best support to a plan to either strengthen or implement the church ministry in that area.


Or you could have an intermediate step of asking which side can provide the most Scriptural citations to support the placement of their marker. For example for Hospitality, they might cite Matthew 9:9-13, Mk 7:20, or Luke 14:7-14. If they can’t provide at least two citations, that place becomes vulnerable to be replaced by the other side if they can support their position with at least three citations.


My intention is that this might be a fun way for a church to begin to expand on their understanding of the church’s mission. I’m still working on this and I would love to hear people’s experience and any suggestions for improvement.