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Christmas Hope and Your Ministry


Consider the conditions for the birth of Christ or the birth of the Word of God. The Word of God found expression in an unexpected place, a fragile form, and a way easily ignored. Now, consider your call to ministry as a servant of the Word of God.

In what way could it be considered unexpected that you would be called to ministry? Consider the possibilities that things might have turned out differently. Write two or three statements that respond to that question.


In what way do you feel fragile in your call? In a recent poll, a large percentage of ministers admitted that they felt unprepared for the challenges of ministry. Write two or three statements honestly expressing your own sense of fragility.

In what way do you feel as if your attempt to convey God’s word is ignored? Where do you feel disrespected, ignored, or not taken seriously? Write two or three statements in response to that.


As your Christmas present to yourself, recognize that a small baby in an insignificant corner of the world whose birth was largely ignored by those living in the world at the time became God’s initiative to transform the world. We don’t yet know how it will all be brought to fulfillment but we do know that the world continues to be affected by that precious birth. Consider what God may yet do with your call to ministry and give thanks for the privilege.

Have a Blessed Christmas and look towards 2014 with expectations. Maybe even begin with a good mystery. AStarAndATear