Risking a Chain Letter

I hate chain letters and particularly when it suggests that if you break the chain you will experience dire consequences. So let it be clear that nothing horrible will happen if you don’t follow what I am suggesting. However, I do think there could be great blessings if you would do something like the following.

The idea would be for you to consider an area where you see the ministry of Christ being made visible in what is taking place in your presbytery. Describe that area and your thanksgiving for it. Then send it to another colleague and ask him or her to do the same and then send it to a third colleague.

After about ten people have drawn this picture of the ministry of Christ being made visible in different aspects of the ministry of presbytery, ask the tenth person to send it on to a staff member of the presbytery. Imagine how this unexpected epistle will be received by the staff of presbytery.

In this October pastor appreciation month, let us not forget to share our appreciation with some of those who work for the larger church.

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