Let’s Have Lunch

Let’s Have Lunch: Conversation, Race, and Community; Celebrating 20 years of the Presbyterian Interracial Dialogue


Let’s Have Lunch celebrates the twenty-year journey that a group of clergy and their churches took in order to confront the toxic presence of racism in the community of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It is a story of hope that begins with three people having lunch in the face of some debilitating tensions within their community in 1992. It is the story of the power of community to overcome divisions. It is a story of what happens when ordinary people begin to try to understand and act against the force of racism. It is the story of the surprising and often creative ways that the people of six churches addressed the issue of race in their larger community. It is the story of how that effort expanded to include the inter-faith community. However, perhaps most of all, it is an invitation to the readers to refuse to be defeated by the complex issue of racism and begin to address it in their lives and community. It is an invitation to have lunch and be open to the unexpected and inspiring things that can happen.

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