Clergy Health Resources by Stephen P. McCutchan

Clergy Health Resources

A Company of Pastors

…offers a fresh approach to overcoming the type of loneliness that seems inherent in the lives of religious leaders. The book offers a two-year framework for a clergy support group among pastors.

…ministry is learning how to see the presence of God in the midst of the hopes and fears, generosity and self-centeredness, kindness and cruelty of ordinary humans

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An Interim Pastor’s Gift

An interim is in a perfect place to educate a congregation not only on the challenges of ministry but also on ways a congregation can join the pastor to maintain a healthy ministry.

…offers suggestions on how the interim can educate the congregation about healthy ministry prior to the new pastor’s arrival.

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God Laughs—Why Don’t You?

Introduces the art of humor as a healing antidote to the toxic aspects of ministry so that the clergy can both sustain their own health and offer a healthy presence to those around them. Includes a pastor’s survival notebook for one’s personal health.

…utilize humor in the practice of ministry from counseling to conflict, preaching to pastoral visits…

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Clergy Tails–Tales
(All Three Volumes in One)

At its most boring, there is something special about the ministry and frequently it is a full-time, hair-raising adventure that is anything but boring. This book seeks to provide parabolic stories of the complexity of ministry. This collection of clergy tales tell the stories of clergy in both their noble light and their shadows It is an attempt to build respect for clergy, one story at a time.

…despite the very human nature of both church and clergy, there is the possibility of the awesome that happens when God wags the tale.

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Laughter From The Well (CD)

Seventy minutes of humorous sketches and encouraging musical reflections on the challenges of ministry.

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Deep Well for the Pastor (CD)

A resource for the personal support of pastors.

Music by david m. bailey
Meditations by Stephen McCutchan

28 tracks that lead the pastor through reflection on the meaning of the call and the stresses in the ministry

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