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Matthew 18:15-20

For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am

there among them. — Matthew 18:20


A dialogue between two church members:


“Have you seen Jesus lately?”


“I’m not one of those religious fanatics who is always seeing

visions. What are you talking about?”


“I want to see Jesus. He must be around here somewhere. He



“Are you crazy? Jesus lived almost 2,000 years ago.”


“But he promised to be here if two or three of us gathered in

his name. You and I make two, don’t we?”


“He didn’t mean physically. He just meant his Spirit would be

among us.”


“Okay, have you seen Jesus’ Spirit among us?”


“You can’t see a spirit. You just feel its presence.”


“How can we feel Jesus’ presence among us?”


“Well, it’s like feeling Jesus urge us to love one another as he loved us.”


“So how did Jesus love us?”


“Jesus was always thinking of the other person and trying to

act in a way that released the best in the other person.”


“But what if some people in this church are mean to me? What

if they don’t deserve my love?”


“If we only received Jesus’ love when we deserved it, where

would we be?”


“But if you are always seeking the best in others, aren’t there

people in this world who will take advantage of you?”


“That is our cross to bear.”


“Have you seen Jesus, lately?”