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God’s Call–A Poem

God’s Call — A poem


I’m not so sure

That God called me

I am a pastor

The Spirit is gone


The elders are boss

Comfort, order

Our gods that lead us

Faith is second


My soul starves for more

To reach beyond

Scriptures voice speaks loud

Deaf ears respond


Job cries answer me

I cry hear me

If called, let me hear

Touched by presence


My heart cries be real

Call me again

Let me be affirmed

Taste the Spirit


The world is painful

My love is weak

I fear the darkness

I run from light


My image of you

Shaped by Jesus

Is full of hope

A tinted cross


Words of peace I seek

A price to pay

For my neighbor

Who cries alone


Your Kingdom will come

Your will be done

I touch my neighbor

I taste Spirit


The great commandment

Crises out to me

My spirit renewed

My call confirmed