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The Presbyterian Writers Guild (PWG) invites all writers (and those who have dreamed about writing) to compose a short story.

Over the next year, you are invited to participate in an on-line challenge to write a short story (4,000 words) that, like the parables in the Bible, challenge the reader to reflect deeply on the interaction of faith with an issue that confronts our church and society. Like a progressive feast, participants will move from one assignment to the next culminating in a polished short story.


  1. Membership in the Presbyterian Writers Guild ($25) and a $20 entrance fee.
  2. Commitment to give and receive feedback on each phase of the experience.
  3. Commitment to adhere to the deadlines on each phase of the progressive event.
  4. Permission to have your story published in a book produced by the PWG.


 How the church responds to racial or sexual diversity.

 How the church can be a peacemaker in a violence prone society.

 How one discerns God’s call for a particular church.

 Pastoral integrity in a guilt laden society.

 When God’s call conflicts with church expectations.

 Loyalty to Christ and splits in the church.



Over a period of eight to ten months, the PWG will send to participants an assignment for the next phase of their short story project. Participants will work on theme, setting, character development, etc. Depending on the complexity of the assignments, participants will have about a month to complete and submit their work to the PWG who will redistribute their work to various other participants for constructive comments for improvement.

Following the reception of the feedback, the PWG will send the next step in the writing process.

The procedure will repeat with submission and response. This will culminate in the seventh phase in which everyone will submit the final draft of their short story.

This collection of stories will be shared with the other authors and board members to select the top ten stories for publication in a book tentatively titled:




The Guild will work with The Presbyterian Outlook and  Presbyterian Publishing Corporation to generate additional exposure for these stories and to engage the larger church in a discussion of the issues that were featured in these modern parables.


September 30, 2016

Get your copy of the winners of the first contest.

Download ebook or order a print copy from Amazon: