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Here is a game that can be played with some clergy friends. Begin with some clergy with whom you feel compatible theologically. However, after you have played the game a few times with these colleagues, there could be great value in expanding your conversation with a wider range of clergy.


First, choose a color. Don’t over-think this. Simply think of a rainbow of colors and select the color that pops into your mind. Now, we are not operating on a rational basis but dipping below the rationale. Imagine that color is a symbol that points to an experience you are having in the ministry on this day.

Now, in no more than four sentences each, let each person name their color and suggest how it may symbolize an aspect of your ministry. What does the color remind you of? What does it suggest as to your spiritual journey at this point in time? What are some of the factors in your life and ministry that may contribute to this being a symbol of where you are?


When everyone has shared their color and brief explanation, allow each person to pick a new color that speaks to where they see God moving in their life. Again, after naming the color, speak to what it symbolizes for them in no more than four or five sentences.


Now have some fun by allowing the group to discuss a rainbow of three colors that suggest your group’s evaluation of the state of the church in your area. See if you can arrive at a consensus of three symbolic colors and their brief explanations.


With that picture of the church, follow it up with trying to identify a three to four color rainbow that suggests the gifts of ministry needed to effectively pastor the people in your area.

It would be appropriate for you to have some group prayer following your discussion. While you have hopefully had some fun in this discussion, you are probing some very deep issues in ministry.