Laughter From The Well

Stephen McCutchan: Laughter From The Well


Seventy minutes of humorous sketches and encouraging musical reflections on the challenges of ministry.

Genre: Spiritual: Contemporary Christian

Release Date: 2011

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  1. Been asked to do some comedy and lead a workshop on humor for the Oasis Event/Presbytery Pastoral Care Network in October.
    Comedy about clergy and Christian Educators.

    Being a Christian Educator is exhausting
    Long hours organizing the religious education of adults, youth, and children.
    Leading retreats, designing events, recruiting volunteers.
    Seeing if it is possible to forgive the same person 70 times 7–even if that person sometimes is the pastor.


    I tell you, pastors just don’t get no respect these days.
    First of all, no one can agree about what a pastor should be doing.
    Everyone has an opinion about what clergy should do.
    Membership committees thinks they should attract new members.
    Stewardship committees thinks they should attract new pledges.
    And Non-members thinks pastors should act like self-righteous idiots to confirm the non-members excuse for not going to church.
    The expectations for clergy is a lot different than for other professions.
    Unlike a doctor, you are expected to make house calls on the sick for free to make them feel better.
    Unlike Jesus, you are never to give the public reason to think you are a glutton and a drunkard.
    If you did that, the next thing they’d accuse you of would be going to parties with tax collectors and sinners.
    It used to be that pastors were among the most highly respected of professions –
    And you can take that to the bank.
    Woops, that’s not a very encouraging thought these days.
    Maybe some of us have been making too many withdrawals.
    To make it worse, the sexual scandals have really made us suspect.
    They used to call you Father as a sign of respect, but now days, it is an accusation.
    Now days, people want their pastors to be virgins.
    At the same time, they expect you to have a wife and children.
    Which gives new meaning to the concept of immaculate conception.
    Pastors just don’t get no respect these days.
    You are supposed to provide spiritual direction for your members but never take it personally if they reject what you say.
    What they want is a pastor that acts like a GPS system.
    You are to offer your members Global Positioning but always be prepared to recalculate when they insist on going their own way.
    The real problem is tcepser. People keep spelling respect backwards.
    I tell you, pastors just don’t get no respect these days.

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