Steve spent thirty-eight years in the pastoral ministry interpreting the Gospel to lay people who experience the tension of division in their world. For twenty-three years, he combined ministry with his middle-class congregation with monthly involvement in counseling the poor in his city. In 1992, his church joined three predominantly black and two other predominantly white churches to found the Presbyterian Inter-Racial Dialogue which celebrated twenty years of breaking down the barriers of racism with publication of Let’s Have Lunch, Conversation, Race, and Community. He helped establish a Hispanic ministry in Winston-Salem, participated in regular activities with the Jewish community, and shared in an interfaith, interracial Habitat build that included Christians, Jews, and Muslims; Caucasians, Blacks, and Hispanics.
The author published Experiencing the Psalms with Smyth & Helwys that in 2000, received the Jim Angell award from the Presbyterian Writer’s Guild for the best first book published by a Presbyterian in that year. He published three devotional books based on the lectionary, and commentary on Matthew, Good News for a Fractured Society.
Since retirement in 2006, he has focused on developing resources to assist in the care of clergy. These include two CDs, A Deep Well for the Pastor, and Laughter From the Well, three volumes of short stories about clergy under the theme Clergy Tales—Tails, and a mystery novel, A Star and a Tear. He continues to develop resources for clergy, congregations, and judicatories on how to nurture the health of clergy on his blog, www.smccutchan.com .

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  1. Thanks for the twitter follow – did the same back at ‘ya! Looks like we’ve been down some similar roads & looking fwd to seeing tweets. If you’d like free digital copies of my novels (see website… if you’re a reader for ‘fun stuff’/enjoyment), let me know.

  2. katherine a simons

    I would like to send you free copies of books written in response to a life question and inviting coloring, discussion and action thru Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. thank you, peace

  3. I’m a little hesitant but I’ll give it a try. Send it to steve@smccutchan.com

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