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    Steve, as I have perused your website and the included materials I am kicking myself for not have made a deeper acquaintance with you during my years at Greensboro First Presbyterian. I thoroughly appreciate what you have done in your years of active parish ministry and what you are doing now in “retirement”. As you may or may not know, I am living in San Antonio, Texas, and following retirement I served in the administration of Austin Seminary as a V.P. for six years, and have also engaged in three Interims. At 79, I am currently serving as Interim Lead Pastor at First Presbyterian in Shreveport, LA. I look forward to staying in touch and receiving your excellent material.

  2. Jerry:
    Thanks for your comments,which unfortunately I didn’t pick up on until now. I’m afraid we were both too busy with our respective pastorates to make the connection we should have.
    I hope you will look at my latest adventure of “building respect for clergy one story at a time,” with the first two volumes of Clergy Tales–Tails. These are short stories about various adventures of being a clergy.
    We will be moving to St. Petersburg, FL in the fall to Westminster Shores. I agree let’s keep in touch.

  3. Chien-Di Hung

    Dear Steve,

    This Chien-Di from NCP. We met in a conference you led last Oct. in TX.
    After coming home, I bought ALL your books–really enjoy reading and wrestling with your points. I do appreciate that those give me room and opportunities to reflect upon myself and my ministry. I also remember your reminder–my family is also a church God asks me to minister faithfully. Thanks a lot! It of great help.

    I’ve finished reading “Clergy: Tails -Tales”and “A Star & A Tear,” and enjoy listening to the two CDs too. Reading the second book indeed is more beneficial for me than attending Sexual Misconduct conference. I enjoy the way you putting sex and spirituality together in a comparative and deeper way–both productive and destructive. Thanks!

    However, I find a typo in page 343, line 5 (from top). If my understanding is correct, you are talking about Rachel, instead of Amanda, aren’t you? I hope I am wrong.

    Anyway, I really really enjoy reading this novel which may relate to my ministry and those of my colleagues. Thank you so much!


    Chien-Di Hung
    Taiwanese P. C. of Washington

  4. Chien-Di:
    You are right about the typo. Thanks for pointing that out. I will add it to the changes I need to make to an updated version.

    I am pleased to hear how you have both enjoyed and benefited from the books. Maybe you could get some colleagues together and talk about A Star and a Tear. In The Company of Pastors I suggested using both that book and Clergy Tales–Tails as part of a clergy support group.

    I really enjoyed meeting you and hope that we will meet again soon. You might enjoy signing up for my blog, . It doesn’t cost anything and I try to keep exploring the many ways that pastors can keep healthy as they engage in this noble calling of ministry.

    Please keep my email, available. If I can ever be of help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Your friend in Christ, Steve

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